PleasePrEPMe Data launched June 11, 2015, as a searchable, location-responsive PrEP provider directory for California. This launch included CA PrEP providers from regional directories: DHSP/UCLA LAC PATH-PrEP Collaboration, HIVE’s Bay Area PrEP Provider Directory, Kelly R. Walsh, MS and the California Collaborative Treatment Group (CCTG), and San Francisco City Clinic.

California-based providers added to PleasePrEPMe from June 11, 2015-January 17, 2019 were identified by the CA State Office of AIDS, found by PleasePrEPMe staff, or submitted by providers themselves. PleasePrEPMe clinic submissions were vetted by the directory coordinator before publishing.

Since PleasePrEPMe’s inception, Emory University has been an important partner in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate national database of providers through In March 2018, Emory transferred the PrEPLocator database to the CDC’s National Prevention Information Network/NPIN. Continued collaboration with the NPIN has revealed PleasePrEPMe’s role as the main database manager for California to be less necessary. As of January 18, 2019, PleasePrEPMe has fully integrated with CDC’s NPIN and the CDC’s NPIN is now the primary owner of all PrEP Provider listings, including California. Frequent data shares will ensure that PleasePrEPMe remains in sync with NPIN.

PleasePrEPMe tracks additional data fields for California listings as part of our commitment to ensuring the searchable fields (PEP, under 18, Spanish-speaking, navigation onsite) for California providers remains up to date so we can support real-time PrEP navigation services.

To ensure an accurate and up-to-date directory on both PleasePrEPMe and NPIN/PrEPLocator please visit to add or edit listings.

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