Online Ways to Get PrEP

Telemedicine services that provide PrEP—or telePrEP—help people get a PrEP prescription without having to go into a doctor’s office. Commercial and state-run telePrEP programs are available in nearly every state, with clinicians on hand to prescribe PrEP through a phone call, online chat, or video conferencing.

TelePrEP programs vary in what they offer and charge for services. Most will work with a person's insurance plan and many can help PrEP users apply for patient assistance programs to cover the cost of PrEP. Not every telemedicine company provides PrEP, so be sure you select a telePrEP resource that does.

Lab tests will also need to be done as part of getting a prescription through telePrEP. You may need to visit a nearby lab location or screen at home with test kits delivered to your address.

To find available telePrEP services, use any internet search engine and enter combinations of the following keywords. Screen the search results for the best choices of telePrEP services for you. Be sure to check they're available in the state where you live.

Sample keywords to search:

get, HIV, PrEP, online, prescription, telePrEP, in [your state], telemedicine, company

Search results will usually present ads first. This can be a good place to review for possible telePrEP services. Check below those results for additional links to other resources. Spend some time reviewing the search results for the best options for you.

Additional Resources on TelePrEP Services: