PrEP Navigator Manual

PrEP Navigator Manual Cover

Helping People Access Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Download: English manual and Spanish manual

Last updated: June 2020

Helping People Access Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis provides in-depth information to frontline staff on the various aspects of supporting people who seek PrEP to get and maintain their prescriptions and related health care. The manual helps establish baseline knowledge for staff who are new to PrEP navigation, and also fills in gaps in knowledge for more experienced navigators. 

Three sections describe: PrEP research, PrEP care and PrEP navigation. Although framed within the context of health care in California, most of the content can be used by other states, as well.

Download: English manual and Spanish manual

Online PrEP Navigator Training

PleasePrEPMe created a free, online PrEP navigator training course based on the manual's content, aiming to meet the training needs of frontline staff, PrEP navigators, and other staff at clinics and public health departments nationwide. 

Please visit our PrEP navigation training page for more information and to enroll.