Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy for PleasePrEPMe.org

Welcome to PleasePrEPMe.org (PPM).

We are glad you are here and hope you find the website useful.

The use of PleasePrEPMe.org, PleasePrEPMe:Connect, PleasePrEPMe:Directory, PleasePrEPMe:Resources (hereafter referred to as PPM Services) is available to you with the following terms and conditions.

By using PPM Services, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Nature of PPM Services

PPM Services provide information to support access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). PPM Services do not constitute nor are a substitute for immediate or non-immediate medical care or treatment or mental health services.


PPM and its employees and volunteers are not responsible for any decisions, or results of the decisions that you make while, as a result of, or after using PPM Services. This includes whether you choose to seek or not to seek professional care, or to modify or terminate specific treatment that you are currently receiving or modify or terminate decisions that you have been engaging in based on the information provided by PPM Services. You assume all risk for the use of PPM Services.

NO ENDORSEMENTS; GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY. The information and content stored in the PleasePrEPMe database includes names and contact information of physicians or other healthcare providers, product providers, and medical products largely compiled using publicly available lists and information. PleasePrEPMe cannot guarantee the accuracy of the ‘Find A Provider’ service. PleasePrEPMe does not endorse any particular physician, healthcare provider, product provider, medical product or any information in the ‘Find A Provider’ service. The ‘Find A Provider’ service is created for informational purposes only and is independent of any provider, device or drug manufacturer. We will not accept inducement to including or making referrals to any specific provider.

PleasePrEPMe is not 1) making any representations or warranties regarding any provider, drug or device, or 2) assuming any responsibility for any use or misuse of the service.

The information stored in the PleasePrEPMe database includes contact information of clinicians, healthcare providers, medical products and product providers, largely compiled using publicly available resources. ‘Find a Provider’ is for informational purposes only and is independent of any provider, device or drug manufacturer. PleasePrEPMe: 1) cannot guarantee the accuracy of the ‘Find a Provider’ service; 2) does not endorse any resource within the database; 3) does not represent or warrant any provider, drug or device; and 4) does not assume responsibility for any use or misuse of the service.

Rules of Use

Use of PPM Services are available to people 13 years and above.

When using PPM Services, consider:

  • being in a private area if needed
  • closing chat conversations when they end
  • treating PPM staff with courtesy and respect

PPM reserves the right to refuse services to anyone who:

  • uses abusive language
  • prank chats or contacts PPM Services

Privacy and Security

We take your privacy and security very seriously. We will not share or disclose your personally identifiable information such as name, phone number or email address outside PPM Services.

PPM Services may collect information in two ways: Passive Collection and Information You Submit.

Passive Collection of Unidentifiable Information: PPM Services may collect information about your visits to the website, without you actively submitting such information. Unidentifiable information may be collected using various technologies and third party services, such as Google Analytics.

PPM Services collects the following information: IP address of users, non-identifiable search history including state, city, zip, and successful geolocation queries when using current location function (through Google Maps API).

Your Internet browser automatically transmits to PPM Services some of this unidentifiable information, such as the URL of the website you just visited, IP address, and the browser version your computer is operating. Passive information collection technologies can make your use of PPM Services easier by allowing the application to provide better service, customize based on consumer preferences, compile statistics, analyze trends, and otherwise administer and improve our services. Certain features of PleasePrEPMe.org may not work without use of passive information collection technologies.

Information collected by these technologies cannot be used to identify you without additional identifiable information and PPM Services will not match additional identifiable information with information collected through the use of such tracking technologies. Our collection of information cannot be traced back to any specific user and will be used only to improve our service.

Personal Information You Submit: PPM Services may collect Personal Information in four ways. The first is on the online form for suggesting a provider or clinic to add to the provider directory. The second is the online contact form for further questions or inquiry. The third is through PleasePrEPMe:Connect navigation services offered via telephone, email, text, chat. The fourth is through the use of surveys designated for the purpose of quality improvement, service follow-up and research. Participants may opt out of receiving follow-up surveys at any time and refusing to participate will not result in a loss of benefits or services.Any names, email addresses, phone numbers, and information voluntarily provided will not be made public, shown or displayed on the website or to its affiliates, nor be shared or used for any purpose outside of PPM Services unless we gain consent. Submission of clinic information through the “Add a Location” form is consent to publish. In order for PPM Services to protect your privacy, you should not provide PPM Services with any information that is not specifically requested. PPM Services’s database is encrypted in order to ensure security and integrity of stored information.

Additionally, we collect and store information, including the content of PPM Services conversations and various surveys, which we may use to create — or permit a third party researcher subject to a strict confidentiality agreement to create — and aggregate information that does not identify individual users, for the purpose of promoting and improving PrEP navigation services and their outcomes. We may share this aggregated, non-personally identifiable information (such as age, insurance status, county of residence) and any content of conversations occurring on PPM Services with our funders, partners, researchers or third parties for this purpose. Individual users will not be linked or identified by sharing this aggregate information.

Despite these Terms and Conditions, the Internet is an imperfectly secure environment, and PleasePrEPMe.org cannot guarantee protection from intruders or interceptors. You agree to use PPM Services and submit information at your own risk. You agree that PleasePrEPMe.org has no liability regarding unauthorized access to PPM Services.

Additional Disclaimers

Use of PPM Services is provided by PleasePrEPMe.org on an “AS IS” basis and solely at our discretion.

PPM Services makes no warranty that PPM Services will meet your requirements or expectations, or will be uninterrupted, timely, confidential, secure or error-free. PPM Services is under no obligation to provide you with access to any information from your account or chat history with PPM Services.

PPM Services and its employees have no liability for actions or omissions taken by you or a third party. By using PPM Services you permanently agree to indemnify and release PleasePrEPMe.org from all suits, claims, and actions pertaining to your experiences with PPM Services or information provided through PPM Services by a third party.

Modification of Terms

These Terms and Conditions may be modified from time to time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on PleasePrEPMe.org.

Technical Information

Occasionally, PPM Services may not be fully compatible with certain mobile devices. Please note that you may experience technical issues with your mobile device.